Maxxis Boonah Marathon - 26th September 2010





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ON-LINE ENTRY (Scroll down page to see Entry fee & conditions)


We are excited to announce some fantastic new changes to the 2010 Maxxis Boonah Marathon. Now with much more off road riding. Be the very first to ride thse new trails!!!!!!!!!!!!


Awesome new area for mountain biking!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two Wheel Promotions has been working hard with all parties involved to bring you a great Maxxis Boonah Marathon for 2010. This year will see a change with the Boonah maraathon still starting at the Boonah Showgrounds but finishing at a new location at the Wyaralong Trails. This is a fantastic new multi-use recreational trail network with some awesome trails to finish off your Marathon. The trail network will still be in the construction phase(approx.35km of trails being built) but TWO WHEEL PROMOTIONS has secured access to selected trails that are completed in this area for the MAXXIS BOONAH MARATHON.

 They will not be open to the public yet but here is your chance to come & try some of the trails before they open and see what will become a mountain bike "mecca" in the future.

 The first 2/3rd of the Maxxis Boonah Marathon will be the same as last years course, so you don't miss out on the gruelling hill climb of the "infamous wall"and experience the beautiful countryside the scenic rim has to offer.

Two Wheel Promotions is proud to be associated with construction of these trails in a Queensland Water Infrastructure project.

Start - Boonah Showgrounds, Melbourne St, Boonah start_incline_boonah_marathon.jpg (picture - start 2009 Boonah Marathon)

Finish - "Lillybrook" Wyaralong Trail Network.   The finish this year for 2010 is at "Lillybrook property" in the Wyaralong Trail Network 9km from Boonah on the Beaudesert-Boonah Rd, Coulsen.   If you do not have transport back to the start at the Boonah Showground you can book a seat on our transport with your bike $20.   Most riders have arranged for friends or family to meet them at the finish at "Lillybrook".  Some riders are parking one car at the finish at "Lillybrook" and then going with friends in another car to the Start at the Boonah Showground.   We will have signage and mud maps how to get to "Lillybrook" Wyaralong Trails from both Beaudesert and Boonah.

Parking opens at 6-30am at "Lillybrook" for those wanting to leave a car at the FINISH.   

GOOGLE LINKS TO FINISH at "Lillybrook" Wyaralong Trail Network" for your friends and spectators

From Boonah

From Beaudesert



  Please note distance may vary slightly as we are fine tuning the new course.

Start - Boonah Showgrounds, Melbourne St, Boonah

Finish -"Lilybrook" property -Wyaralong Trail Network on the Boonah-Beaudesert Rd, Coulson(Boonah) (9km from Boonah - Between Boonah & Beaudesert)


Full Marathon Age

 The full Marathon is a 85km big loop starting  at Boonah & finishing at "Lilybrook" property int he Wyaralong Trail Network 9km from Boonah with challenging hills and  beautiful countryside through private properties you only get the chance to ride at this event. A mix of mountain bike trails, dirt roads and bitumen. & finishing off the last third of the course through the Wyaralong Trail Network.

 Lite Marathon
(3/4 distance  - 50 km Loop The Lite marathon is divided into Age groups. You must be 16 years of age to compete

The Lite Marathon Starts at Boonah Showground &  finishes at "Lilybrook" property Wyaralong trail network the same finish point as the Full Marathon..

Distances to be confirmed as we the trail network is still under construction.

Read the Mountain Bike Australia's magazine feature on the 2006 Kooralbyn-Boonah Marathon Courtesy of Mountain Bike Australia appearing in Aug/Sept/Oct 2006 issue




 The course weaves it's way through private country properties. A combination of fireroad, gravel roads & bitumen with some testing climbs & once you reach the top the rewards of fantastic 360o views and thrilling descents.

The highest point of the course is around 460m in elevation. This is not a very technical course and will suit all riders with a two different lengths to chose from depending on your fitness.
Total climbing for full distance is around 2000 metres of ascent.
Basic mud map of the full course (to come)

85km Course - 36.5 km gravel roads , 8.5km farmland roads, bitimen (10km) & dirt trails (distance to be confirmed)

50km Course - 27.5km gravel roads, 8.5km farmland roads, Bitumen & dirt trails (distance to be confirmed)

Course Profile -NEW 2010 PROFILE



2010 Profile will be displayed once we can GPS the new trails being built are completed.



Water - Water will be available in at least 3 locations around the course (Boonah and at other check points) as well as the start finish area. The water locations will also give riders the opportunity to purchase small snacks off the marshals should they need them. Prices will be made available on the morning of the race.

Check Points and Gates - These will all have marshals in attendance who will open and close any gates you need to pass through.

Race Support Vehicle - We will have a support vehicle to assist injured or fatigued riders and also provide mechanical help if needed.


COURSE INFO & RULES (Download Course Info and Rules .


Race Information & Rules
Every rider must have entered and Registered before proceeding on the course. Every rider must have an MTBA license or have purchased a day license. Every rider must wear an Australian approved helmet. It is recommended riders where gloves.

start_incline_boonah_marathon.jpgStart 08 Boonah Marathon

Only riders nominated at the start of the event are permitted to compete.
Parts of the course are on private property and we have gained special permission from the property owners to go through their private property on MARATHON EVENT DAY ONLY. You cannot ride on these properties before or after the Event or at ANY OTHER TIME.

 Please note the Wyaralong Trails are not open to the Public as the Wyaralong Dam is still under construction. You can only ride these trails during the Maxxis Boonah Marathon.

Please show consideration for all property owners bordering on the roads we are using. All gates will be manned by Officials.
Do NOT LEAVE RUBBISH e.g. disregarded gel packs etc. Please bring rubbish with you and dispose of in garbage bins at checkpoints or take back to the finish with you.

Riders wanting to pass another competitor must call track left or right and wait for a safe place to pass. Have consideration for all riders on the track. When passing on the road normal road rules apply.


If for any reason you will not be completing the Event YOU MUST NOTIFY AN OFFICIAL YOU’RE NAME & NUMBER. If we are not advised we assume you are still on the course and will send a searc h party & Emergency Search & Rescue out for you
EVERY RIDER – NO EXCEPTIONS must slow down and stop at this Checkpoint and have their name and number checked off by Officials.



ROAD RULES APPLY. As you will also be traveling on gravel & bitumen roads all normal traffic road rules apply. Do not ride more then 2 abreast. Do not ride in the middle of the road. The roads are still open to cars so be wary of cars. These are back country roads and they are not expecting to see cyclists on the road.
There will be ‘CAUTION CYCLIST ON ROAD’ signage but you as the rider need to be careful. Keep to the left and on single roads single file and keep to the left.
Bikes must be roadworthy.

LIVESTOCK- Beware of livestock. As you will be traveling through properties and some of the country roads go through properties beware of livestock which may be on the course or near the course.

CATTLE GRIDS - Beware of cattle grids. Cattle grids will be marked with ‘CAUTION CATTLE GRID AHEAD”. Some grids are at the bottom of hill descents so take care.

DIRECTION SIGNAGE - Yellow Direction signs will be along the course & every 5klm will show the distance traveled and then for the last 25 klm will show you how many kilometers you have left to ride.

Please note – There is also a horse event on the following weekend and there are some signs out for these with numbers The Marathon signs will have a Mountain on them & arrow. ONLY LOOK FOR THESE MARATHON SIGNS.

WATER STATIONS - There are 4 water stations with water for riders. As well as water we supply riders you will be able to purchase drinks e.g. sports drinks at the Drink Station. So bring some money with you in case you wish to buy something. Drink station will be approx. 20klm.

CHECKPOINT/FEED ZONE - Your support crew cannot go to all checkpoints. We will advise where your support crew can meet you prior to the event and at the riders briefing & in your information pack you receive at Registration. This is the only checkpoint where your support crew/family, friends can meet up with you. We do not want cars on the other stages of the course riders will be using.

RIDERS MARSHALL POINT - Every rider will be required to stop and have their name ticked off as having passed through this point. This is a safety precaution so we know exactly where you are. If you pull out for any reason please notify an Official. We do not want to send a search party out looking if you are safely back at the finish or have gone home.

BACK UP VEHICLE - If you have a mechanical or do not wish to complete course please let an official know or tell another rider to inform an Official and we have support vehicles to take you back to the start.

RIDER SAFETY - If you come across an accident, injured or fatigued rider who needs assistance please stop and see if they are o.k., stay with them and send another rider to let an Official at the nearest checkpoint know so they can get First Aid or whatever assistance is required. Ride within your capabilities, beware of downhill descents, some have concealed driveways and other connecting roads entering, and curves/bends where vehicles traveling on roads may not see you coming.

Look at Drink Up (little man icon) on the webpage to see useful information on hydration.

PULLING OUT OF THE EVENT - It is very important if you pull out of the Event to advise Officials your name & number otherwise we will be looking for you thinking you are still out on course and not finished.

FIRST AID OFFICERS - First Aid Officers will be at the Checkpoints/Official Vehicles and Race Control Centre.

WATER – Water will be available at the 4 checkpoints marked on your map (approx. every 20klm)

DRINKS/SNACKS – You will be able to purchase limited snacks & drinks at Checkpoints.
The finish at "Lillybrook" Wyaralong Trail Network will have food & drink available.

BACK UP SUPPORT VEHICLE – Should you not wish to complete the Event and would like a lift back in the support vehicle we will take you back to the start. The support vehicle follows the last riders.

MOBILE PHONES – if you have a mobile phone they work on some of the high points.(subject to what network you are with) You can contact us on 0417-073-582. We have two way radios and repeater stations for communications as well as mobile phones.

Any and all protests/anomalies must be lodged with race director less than 15 minutes post event.




Presentation will be at the finish at Wyaralong Trail Network. The Presentation is scheduled for 12noon. Time may vary depending on the time it takes riders to complete the Event. Not all riders will be in by then but the podium placegetters will have completed the Event and some need to travel home interstate etc.




We will have a band playing from 10-30am-1pm to to entertain your friends and family while they wait to cheer you on your return from the Marathon.  The kids will not be forgotten with a jumping castle, & face painting.You can also sit and relax after your ride while waiting for your friends who may still be out there and for Presentations to begin at 12noon.


THANK YOU TO MAXXIS our NAMING RIGHT SPONSOR & ALL OUR SPONSORS – Please support our Sponsors without whose assistance helps to put on a great event and support our Sport.

THANK YOU TO ROADVALE SCHOOL P & C, Boonah Cycle Club and local Boonah community who look after our checkpoints
& the rest of our team who work hard to put on a good event for you.

Some of the landowners will be there to watch the race and cheer you on as you go past. GIVE THEM A WAVE AND A SMILE.



This year's 2010 sees the marathon start at Boonah Showgrounds but finish at the Wyaralong Trails 9km from Boonah. The course still has some of those sections you love to "hate" such as the "Infamous Wall" to challenge yourself.
You can choose between the 85 km Full Marathon or the 50 km Lite Marathon. how long you want to ride & challenge yourself is your choice!
(distances to be confirmed closer to event as we are still building trails)
With awesome views over the Sth East Scenic Rim, huge climbs and descents, and techinical sections scattered
between farmland and gravel roads, the Boonah Marathon is a challenge for any rider.



To see more photos of the course and riders click onto our gallery page featuring previous year's Kooralbyn-Boonah Marathon (most of the course was in the Boonah region)



FIRST AID - First Aid Officers are on course and also back at the Control Centre/Staging area.

An approved helmet will be required to be worn at all times .

Additional recommended protective articles

• Jersey with sleeves
  • • Gloves
  • • Plenty of water or hydration pack
  • • Wet weather gear
  • • Change of clothing – makes riding more comfortable especially if you get wet.
  • • Food Supplements e.g. energy bars


Mobile Phone - You can carry your mobile in your back pocket or hydration pack & if you need assistance you can contact us. We will advise our Control Centre phone number in your information pack you receive at Registration.

BIKE- Have your bike serviced and good mechanical working condition

For a detailed list of items you might need MTB Dirt has provided a Master List HERE







More information & booking details to come.


There is motel & pub accommodation.

 Boonah Information Bureau:

 Camping - You will be able to camp at the Boonah Showgrounds, Melbourne Street Gate - contact caretaker 07-54634080 or see in person. Camping fee $6 per person (This is across the road from the Start at Boonah High School)

  Food & Drinks

  Boonah has a range of cafes & pub style meals.







Saturday 25th September 3pm-7pm at Boonah Showgrounds


Sunday 26th September 6am - 8.00am, Boonah Showgrounds at the start area, We will have signage up for the Registration.

We will have the Registration divided between Full 80klm & Lite 50klm queues. Please go to the correct queue as the Registration Staff will only have the Entry forms and packs for the Event they are looking after.


Why not avoid the mad rush Sunday morning and pick up your race pack on Saturday afternoon or evening?
Once riders have entered they can pick up their Race Pack at Registration on Saturday 25th September afternoon from 3.00pm-7pm. This will save you time on Sunday morning and you can sleep in longer.

On race day riders must get there early to Register. It is no good if everyone turns up at 30 mins to go to Register as we need to process all the riders. The earlier you can get there and pick up your race packs the better for everyone. We cannot hold the START TIME because riders get there late to Register.

RIDERS BRIEFING - Sunday 8.00am - Near the Grandstand at the Boonah Showgrounds.

All riders to attend. Riders will need to have their number checked prior to race start at the Start line.

Full Marathon 85km will go off then followed by the Lite 50km
Riders will go off in waves according to age group e.g. 18-29 years, then 30-39years, 40-49 years & 50 Plus.


START TIME - Sunday 26th September

Full Marathon (85km) 8-30am

Lite (3/4) Marathon (50km) 9.00am (behind the Elite)

 Boonah Showgrounds - (everyone can cheer you on your way)

FINISH Sunday 26th September

Both the Full Marathon & Lite Marathon finish at "Lilybrook" property Wyaralong Trails

You must finish by 4-30pm.  We have strict permit conditions we must abide by.  If you do not feel you can complete the full Marathon in 8 hours please change your entry to the "Lite"Marathon.


PRESENTATIONS - 12noon Wyaralong Trails (9km from Boonah - Between Boonah & Beaudesert)


ENTERTAINMENT - Local band "CACTUS Katz will be playing to keep spectators entertained and riders can relax after their ride, listen to the music and while waiting for presentations.  Not to forget the kids there will be a CLOWN, JUMPING CASTLE & face painting.



Entry Fees

Age Groups - Full Marathon 85klm Entry Fee $89.00 (includes T-shirt, Water bottle, Course map.
Lite Marathon 50klm Entry Fee $79.00 (includes T-shirt, Water bottle, Course map.


Men Solo
Women Solo
  • • 18 - 29 yrs
  • • 30 - 39 yrs
  • • 40 - 49 yrs
  • • 50 yrs and over
  • • 18 - 29 yrs
  • • 30 - 39 yrs
  • • 40 - 49 yrs
  • • 50 yrs and over
Note: You Must be over 18 yrs old to race as of the day of the race to compete in the Marathon. Exceptions can be made under MTBA rules for riders who are under professional coaching.
VACANCIES AVAILABLE - ENTRIES NOW OPEN TILL 23RD SEPTEMBER ( These late entries No t-shirt or water bottle)
Full Marathon (85 km) Loop
$89 per rider
( t-shirt, water bottle, course map, number plate)
Distance to be confirmed
Earlybird Entries:to be eligible for t-shirt & biddon entries must be received by  midnight 12th September
Entries close 23rd September (no t-shirt for entries received after 11th September)
Marathon Lite (50 km) Loop
$79 per rider
( t-shirt, water bottle, course map, number plate)
Earlybird Entries:To be eligible for t-shirt & bottle entries must be received by midnight  12th September
Entries close 23rd September (no t-shirt for entries received after midnight 12th September)
RACE PACK INCLUDES Race number, t-shirt, water bottle,number plate, Course map will be marked with checkpoints and water stations. (You must have your entry in by midnight 10th September to receive your free t-shirt & bottle as this is the cut-off date for our Manufacturer. ENTRIES RECEIVED AFTER THAT DATE will miss out on t-shirt & biddon.

You Must be over 18 yrs old to race as of the day of the race to compete in theFull  Marathon. & 16years for the "Lite"


DAY LICENSE - $15 per rider (now paid with your entry fee and required if you have no MTBA license)







Cancellation prior to 11th September - Full Refund less $15 admin fee

Cancellation 12th September till 19th September 50% Refund

Cancellation - 7 days prior - NO REFUND



On-Line Entry