Race Guide

Our Events - Age is determined by your age as date of event. 

Pre-enter or enter on the day. 

Present your current MTBA licence or purchase a Day Licence for $15.  
Tie the number plate on the front of your bike so the numbers are easily seen.
Now you can practise the course. No number, no practise.


Safety equipment
• Cross country entry requires an Australian Standard helmet.
• Downhill entry requires a fullface helmet. Body armour, knee, shin and elbow protection is recommended.
• All bikes must have plugs in the ends of the handlebars and bar ends.

Race Rules for XC and DH
• Stay on the marked course. If you veer off the course, return to the point where you exited to continue racing. Take no short cuts to gain advantage.
• Tell the timing officials if you withdraw from the race. Race Rules for XC


Race Rules for XC
• Be self-reliant. Start the race with the tools and spares you may need. You cannot accept assistance from others during the race.
• Injured riders should be assisted, however.
• Overtake safely, call ’Track’ and the rider being passed will give way when able to do so.
• If walking or running, give way to riders on the course.
• A feed zone will be designated for the cross country course, after the start line.
• When the lead rider finishes, all riders in that category will finish on that lap, even with one lap to go.


Be Prepared
• Bring food and water to the race as most race sites have no town water.


You have the right to protest within 15 minutes after the race finishes, if you believe you have been affected by another rider or official. Penalties apply for breaking the race rules.


More detail is available in MTBA National MTB Series ‘Guide to Event Organisation and Management’ (lime book).
Also MTBA ’Membership Guide and Rule Book’, 4th Edition. MTBA also produce a “Volunteer Guide Book’.
Your club should have a copy of these books.


Endurance Race Rules

  • No Outside Assistence - whilst on the course (this means you can only accept help from others while back at the start/finish area
  • Single File in Finish Chute - at the end of each lap you must pass through the finish line single file to aid in your lap being counted as well as safety
  • Call your Number - As you pass the Timing Truck at the finish line please call out your race number clearly and loudly to aid in your lap being counted.
  • Front Lights - All competitors must use adequate front lighting on their bike or person after the designated time for night laps
  • Rear Lights - All competitors must have a red rear light or reflector on your bike or person after the designated time during night laps
  • One Race Number per Team - Each team has 1 race number that must be changed at rider changes. Only rider and changeover rider allowed in changeover area
  • LeMans Starts - LeMans starts means the rider riding lap 1 of the race will have a short run to his/her bike which can be held by another team member
  • Licence - All riders must have an MTBA licence/ receipt or have purchased a 'Day licence' before riding on the course
  • One Way - Once on the course all riders must ride only in the correct direction on the course. In the vent of a breakdown or injury a teammate can be sent out to meet you and continue the race from the checkpoints
  • Accidents - If a rider comes across an accident they must stop to see if the fallen rider is ok and wait for the next rider to come along so that a message can be passed to the next checkpoint.
  • Passing Others - Riders wanting to pass another rider must call 'TRACK LEFT' (to overtake on the left) or 'TRACK RIGHT' (to overtake on the right) and wait for a safe place to overtake. Have consideration for all other riders.
  • Time Up - As the time limit for the race expires, the track will be closed and no more riders can enter the course. Riders already on the course can finish and their laps do count.
  • Team Members - Only nominated team members can race. No new members can compete after the race has commenced.
  • Score Sheets - All riders are encouraged to fill out the score sheet for their team (or themselves if solo) as these are required if you choose to lodge a protest after the race.
  • Protests - any and all protests must be lodged with the race director within 15 mins of the race end.


Age Limitations for Solo Riders - MTBA Rulings

4hr - 8hr Events - 16 yrs min
8hr - 12hr Events - 17 yrs min
12hr - 24hr Events - 18 yrs min
24hr+ Events - 18 yrs min
Marathon Events - 18 yrs min for full distance, 16 yr min for half distance.