Avanti Plus 6Hr Enduro

A_White_on_blue_new 6Hr Enduro -3rd July


Competitors List & Information pack is now on the website to download.


The course is in ideal condition and this is the perfect time of year to be riding.  Take advantage of the beautiful property and bring your family and friends along to enjoy the day.  Plenty of room to spread out with good vantage points of the course.  Go for a walk and enjoy the property and sections of rainforest & bushland or just enjoy the winter sun.

Check out the great "Specials" fromAvantiPlus on the pdf flyer.


We can now confirm that the Avanti Plus 6Hr Enduro will be hosted at our Canungra Venue.   It has been some time since you last had the chance to race there ( 8 months by the time the Enduro comes round)

Come along and enjoy all those tracks that you love. Take the enduro on as a solo rider,a very popular distance for solo riders or get together with a friends to form a 2 or 3 person team. NO ENTRIES ON THE DAY