2011 MTBA Australian Marathon Championships this weekend


The time is now here with just a couple of days till the 2011 MTBA Australian Marathon Championships.  Competitor information and Competitor Entrants list please check you entries and get back to us with any spelling changes etc.  no changes will be made on race day.

Site Information- Mt Joyce Escape Recreation Park is still under construction-please do not enter unauthorized areas.  Spectator access will be limited to authorized areas only



0054_aust-marathon-champs_fpc_2   ON-LINE ENTRIES NOW RE-OPENED ON MTBA WEBSITE

 We experienced some problems over the weekend with our internet server crashing.It always happens at the worst possible time.

  We have had lots of phone calls and emails from riders still wanting to enter the Championships.  We have extended the entries until the 1st April.  I cannot guarantee that you will get a t-shirt(I have ordered extra) as they are being manufactured now, but at least you can still take part.

Entry forms have now re-opened on the MTBA website -ENTER ON-LINE NOW



0054_aust-marathon-champs_fpc_2  The clock is ticking and there is only 6 days to go to get your entry in and be part of history with the first time anyone hits the trails at the Mt Joyce Escape Recreation Park to be in the 2011MTBA Marathon Championships held on the 17th April.  We can now run the Marathon under the new UCI Marathon Rules which allows for multi-lap course so we can now start and finish at the same place, so you won't have to worry about having some-one pick you up at the end.  The course will now be slightly longer with the full Marathon course 86km with three 28.7km laps and the half marathon now 43km.  We will host up the course profile in the next few days so you can plan your strategy for the Marathon.   You won't be worry about too much bitumen in this Marathon it's 99% off road.

Jerseys - Only 20 Jerseys left, which is only a few in each size.  Don't miss out order now if you want to purchase a Jersey for a reminder of the great time in the Marathon you had for just $75.

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